Stance of Trump and Biden on different issues

Does the US 2020 election affect the world in any way? What are the views of Trump and Biden on global politics? These are some of the questions that the voters in this election season are asking. And the entire Trump vs. Biden polls roundup will soon come to an end.

According to a big number of people, Trump has weakened the commitments of the US on an international level.

Though, should the rest of the world be concerned about what happens in the US? Well in many ways, the US elections affect mor than just America. Now, just a few weeks are left for the elections and hence, the US elections are in the global news.

As far as the global support goes, the leadership of Trump has not invited a lot of positive support.

For instance, Trump has not been to keen on working on things such as the climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. Even many of his own supporters tend to accept the fact that more could be done.

And many Americans seem upset about the way the pandemic was handled in the most crucial times.

Where do Trump and Biden stand?

In this article, let us consider some of the most important issues and see where Trump and Biden stand. Since these issues often have a public eye, their individual stances could lead to a downfall or a victory.

Climate change

As far as climate change goes, we have all directly or indirectly been experiencing its drastic effects. Now, these effects are closer than ever.

Just recently, the Intergovernmental Panel in the UN came to the conclusion that all countries must limit their Carbon dioxide emissions, and the emissions of other greenhouse gases. This is important to stop the devastating consequences of global warming.

However, Trump has been questioning this entire science and ask whether human activity could even cause climate change. Overall, Trump has been advocating for increased production of fossil fuels.

However, Biden on the other hand argues that climate change is a big threat to the security. He suggests that there is a need for a revolution. And hence, Biden has also revealed a national level plan related to the reductions in emissions.

Furthermore, he has also expressed his concerns over investing in new infrastructure and technology such as clean coal and fracking.


The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people all over the world. It has changed the way economies and governments function.

However, Trump has been downplaying the entire threat of the disease. Initially, in the start of the election season he also implied that the disease is under control in the US however the situation is actually much worse.

Biden has been revealing national level plans to address the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, he also has plans to increase the power of the presidential leadership. At the same time, he also plans to make the US strong enough to deal with any future pandemics of any sort, stating that we should always be ready.


Overall, both Trump and Biden seem to stand on opposite edges. However, what does this really mean for the US? Well, it depends on the policies that either of the two candidates will bring after they become elected.

As of yet, it seems like Biden is taking the lead in public view. However, polls often do not represent the accurate prediction data. Due to any circumstances, people can change their mind and decide to vote the other candidate.

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