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Treating Your Hair In The Brazilian Way

Going to a celebrity hair stylist regularly may do you both good and bad depending on the hair treatments that you get. Most of the times we love to color our hair, whenever there are new color shades that most celebrities have, we just can’t wait to try them on as well. Coloring may do damage to your hair unless done by professionals and at times, when hair gets damaged, certain treatments may be applied to bring back a healthier looking hair. Keratin is a natural protein found in your hair, due to various treatments that your hair may have…Read more

First of it’s kind, Modeling Reality TV show in Congo, Africa

A newly announced 8-episode TV show are coming to screens across the world in 2016. The reality TV show follows forty outstanding women from forty nations, while they are living in the jungles of the Republic of Congo for three weeks. But they are not there to enjoy a holiday; the ladies will be competing for the title of Miss Multiverse 2015. Only twenty of the forty ladies will make it through to the finals week because there will be elimination after the first and after the second week on the show and only one lady will be crowned Miss…Read more

Faux Fur Coats for Women

Most women are crazy about fur coats and this is a fact. And since fur coats are expensive, they are associated with luxury and glamour, which makes them even more popular. If you are looking to buy something for a lady, you definitely need to think about this piece of clothing. While you will surely surprise any women with a fur coat, you might want to consider buying a faux fur coat. These are more affordable and are not controversial. Today, there are a lot of groups and organizations that are against animal fur coats so it might be smarter…Read more

Choosing Spring Clothing: Qualities Men Should Look For

Men’s fashion is arguably more complex as compared to women’s fashion. Men’s seasonal fashion is also more complex as compared to women’s seasonal fashion, which means that men’s spring fashion is more complex as compared to women’s spring fashion. The complexity of men’s spring fashion is the most significant reason why almost all men have trouble choosing spring clothing and wonder what they can do to make their search easier. Well, if a man wants to make his search for spring clothing easier, all he needs to do is look for some specific qualities in articles of clothing, and the…Read more

Leading Eye Cream Beauty

The vast majority who examine the mirror for quite a while will see the reasons why they have to put resources into diverse items, for example, the best eye cream and the wrinkle cream that helps them oppose their age, or age perfectly, as others would say. Anyway not everybody sees the purpose of putting resources into the best eye cream in the event that they don’t see any issue that needs their cash to purchase the arrangement. However is there truly no issue or they simply don’t know where to look? Well, I did some research and found out…Read more

How to Use Color-Correcting Cosmetics

While it may sound weird to prepare your appearance with a cover of green or purple-tinted first stage, you’d be shocked how gainful these unusual colors can be for your skin. Here, we’ve decoded 4 sorts of color correctors to help you put resources into the best equation fit for your skin sort. Whether you’re enthusiastic to hide sun spots, dark circles or essentially hunger for an enlightening shine for summer, these trusty tips will get you closer to accomplishing the crisp, faultless face you’ve been wanting all year. Continuously thought about how to utilize composition remedying greens, purples and…Read more

Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses -Style and Quality Protection

Ray-Ban has always been well-known by many individual for its stylish and functional eyewear. Eyeglasses combined with style and determination to provide individuals with an efficient accessory that is well-suited with your day to day look. It is a true fact that eyeglasses primarily help in improving vision, but there is no reason why these glasses cannot add fashion quotients. Ray Ban prescription sunglasses are not like normal prescription frames; with their perfect artistry, they are always well-suited with your curative lenses. Nonetheless, if you are an energetic outdoor sportsman that love living life on the edge or a more…Read more

Get celebrity like hair style

Best Attractive haircut and style for men 2014 While switching to different channels on television, or watching a movie in theatre, you watch the celebrities and think how these guys have so perfect hairs and you wish to have the celebrity like hairstyle too! Want to stay in vogue, but don’t know which men’s hairstyle is trending this year? Or which haircut will suit your face? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are the right place. As here is a list of most popular haircut for men 2014, from which you can choose one for yourself. And watch…Read more

2014 Fashion Trends

Know about latest fashion trends Fashion evolves and to be fashionable you need to become aware of latest fashion trends. From your hairstyle to makeup, from clothes to shoes and from handbag to hair clip everything have to be in sync. This is how you can look fashionable and lure others to follow your style. Your appearance is something which can let others to judge about your personality, taste, living standard and presence of mind. By following trends you can scintillate in your cosmos. Being fashionable does not at all means that you should avoid your comforts and blindly…Read more

Why is it necessary to get a good haircut?

You must have read several articles on beauty blogs and fashion magazines that it’s necessary to cut your hair twice a month. Several times you must have wondered about the veracity and authenticity of this statement thinking that this is just a furl to fund the multi-million dollar beauty business. However did you know that there are several health reasons which are connected to getting haircuts regularly? Keep your scalp healthy Professional Haircuts prevent split ends from happening and keep the hair in an optimum condition. Hair as you must have heard grow from the roots and not the end.…Read more