Choosing The Right Commercial Refrigerator

If you run an eatery, a bakery, an ice-cream shop or a restaurant, you definitely need a commercial refrigerator. Buying a commercial refrigerator is quite a large responsibility since there are all sorts of fridge inside the market and they are expensive. One foolish mistake and all your hard earned cash is drained by commercial refrigerators services.
Today, we’ll share tips with you, which would help you choose the right commercial refrigerator.

Brand Matters

In a world of refrigerators, brand name matters a lot. While there’s a rich diversity in the world of refrigerators, we recommend buying a freezer which is a product of a reputable company. Every brand has a unique quality. While some offer cash friendly freezers, others make state of the art freezers with unprecedented upkeep. Brands like Turbo Air, True and Delfield are well known names inside the domain of refrigerators. Be sure to check them out.

Size Does Matter Too

This is not a common Joe saying – size does matter. Freezers are commonly available in a vicinity of different sizes. So knowing what you want is important.
Victory refrigerator repairs suggest to check out the doors of freezers. Large freezers are normally, equipped with multiple doors. This is an estimated way. The optimum way is to measure the interior dimensions of a refrigerator and then compare with the readings, obtained from your workplace. Some freezers have the same exterior dimensions, but they differ in interior readings. Attending to detail is important. It is important to know your daily stock, amount of customers you would be serving and choosing a unit, which would be friendlier to your needs of accommodation.


Victory refrigerator repairs suggest that some commercial refrigerators maybe offered at lower costs, but they feed on way more electricity than others. Always ask how much energy efficient is the commercial refrigerator. You don’t want an electricity bill, showing millions of consumed kWh.
Look for refrigerators which come labelled with a seal of Energy Star. Energy Star certified commercial refrigerators consume less electricity as compared to other refrigerators. This is pro tip offered by victory commercial repairs.

The Location of Condenser

The credit of doing the hardest work in the world of freezers goes to condenser. It is responsible for keeping your food cold. The configurations of condensers are available in two spots – Top mount and bottom mount. Both configurations have their perks and can be utilized in proper places.
If you are looking for ease of cleaning, choose the bottom mount units. Better accessibility to food stocks is given via bottom mounted units and they don’t put lots of strain on the fridge, in hotter conditions. However, top mounted units are preferred generally.

You might be wondering, what the heck? They told us all the pros of bottom mounted units and are telling us that top mounted units are preferred.
The thing is that although top mounted units are complex, difficult to clean. They do not trap as much as dust and debris as compared to bottom mounted units. Being top in position, they don’t blow hot air inside the cabinets when the doors of the fridge are opened. So choose wisely!
If you think it is hard to manage all those difficult steps, consult a commercial refrigerators services provider.

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