Top 7 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks

WhatsApp is the number one messaging app at the moment that is used over the internet. Everyone is using it – there is hardly anyone who does not have the updated version of WhatsApp running on their phones. WhatsApp is the go-to app that promises easy communication for people. But interestingly this cool messaging app has many crazy tips and tricks that can make your WhatsApp-ing experience even more worthwhile and all the time more fun too!

Trick # 1 – Read Messages Without Sender Knowing

This trick allows you to read the messages of the sender without him or her knowing of it. WhatsApp is a beloved app for many because it allows you to find out when someone reads your messages because the read messages appear with a double blue tick. However, you can always prevent the blue tick from appearing if you do not want the sender to know you have read the messages. This can be done by putting the phone on flight mode and reading the messages. No blue tick will be shown on your messages after that.

Trick # 2 – Customize Your WhatsApp Story-Status Security

WhatsApp now gives the chances to put up stories that are visible for 24 hours before they disappear automatically. However, you can customize the security of your story-status and only make them visible to handpicked contacts.

Trick # 3 – Customize Your Display Image Security

Customization of DP security is also possible but you cannot handpick contacts to make your DP visible to. However, you can always customize the display security and choose between ‘Me, contacts or Public’ option.

Trick # 4 – Mute WhatsApp Chats

Tired of someone bothering you? You can now mute the chats for as long as you want – for a few hours, days or even a full year! You can also choose if you want to continue getting the muted chat notifications or do not even want to receive them.

Trick # 5 – Find Out Who Has Read Your Messages And When!

There is a little *i* on top every chat that provides details for each and every delivered messages. This way you can know who has read your messages, at what time it was delivered and you can find out at what time was it read too.

Trick # 6 – Star Messages To Find Them Easily

You can star your messages which adds specific ‘starred’ messages to your favorite list. This way you can view all starred messages in a single portion without having to search for them.

Trick # 7 – Create Shortcut Icons For Favorite Contacts On Home Screen

If you have a beloved contact that is a regular for you such as mother, husband, boyfriend or best friend – you can always create a quick shortcut icon for your favorite contacts on your mobile home screen. This makes access to your favorite contacts directly easy from the home screen. You can also pin you favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list within the app.

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