Commercial Deep Fryer Troubleshooting

Deep fryers are a must have in many commercial kitchens. They help in keeping the operations in a commercial kitchen go smoothly on a day-to-day basis. However, like every other appliance, a commercial deep fryer is also prone to problems and damages and needs inspection from a commercial kitchen appliance repair service.

So, if your fryer is not working properly, you should follow the right steps to fix it immediately, or it might cause various other issues for your commercial kitchen. But before calling an expert for repair, you should first try fixing your deep fryer by yourself. This can help you save a lot of money if there are only minor issues with the appliance which you can easily repair. Another reason why you should attempt to troubleshoot your commercial deep fryer by yourself is that deep fryer spare parts are easily available in the market.

Here is a brief commercial deep fryer repair process which you can easily learn.

The Need For Commercial Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are a staple of any commercial kitchen. It can help you easily deep fry any type of food in a self-contained unit. Commercial deep fryers are made to make the frying process a lot easier and efficient in commercial applications. The consistency in temperature and frying capability of the appliance is what makes it so popular.

However, in order to get the best deep-frying results from your commercial deep fryer, you must keep it in a pristine shape. That is why you will have to keep an eye on the condition of your commercial deep fryer, and will have to spend some time fixing every issue as it appears to be in appliance working in the long run.

This blog provides you with a brief overview of the whole deep fryer troubleshooting process. You can read this blog to have an idea of how you can troubleshoot any problems with your commercial deep fryer. Moreover, you can read the manual provided by the manufacturer of the deep fryer if you are facing any issues in troubleshooting.

Repairing A Commercial Deep Fryer

Here are some of the possible problems which can happen with your commercial deep fryer, and a brief guide on how you can fix those issues effectively.

Problems With Pilot Light

Commercial deep fryers have pilot lights to indicate their working condition. These pilot lights can easily start malfunctioning. This is a common deep fryer problem which you can easily fix. Usually, the pilot light turns off to prevent your commercial deep fryer from overheating. So, parts of the fryer responsible for heating it up are to blame if there is any problem happening with your pilot light.

The High Limit Switch

If you think that the high limit switch is non-functional, you can check it by taking one of its wires and touching it with another wire. If the pilot light turns on, it means that the high limit switch of your commercial deep fryer is faulty.

So, just before you start replacing the high limit switch, you should empty the commercial deep fryer of any oil it might already have. After doing this, you should follow the guide, and should loosen all the nuts accordingly.

After removing all the right parts, you can easily replace the broken high limit switch. Follow all the steps in reverse order to replace the high limit switch and to put together all the parts of the deep fryer in the right way.

Safety Gas Valve Problems

If the pilot light is still not lighting up after replacing the high limit switch, then the safety gas valve might be at fault. The combination valve can be replaced if you have pipe wrenches available. Since the space around the combination valve is very small, replacing it can be very difficult and tiring.

Pilot Light Works But Deep Fryer Doesn’t Turn On

If the pilot light is turning on but the deep fryer is not working, then the problem might be with the thermostat.

If the thermostat of your commercial deep fryer is not working properly, it might prevent the oil from getting sufficiently hot to deep fry the food, or it might prevent the deep fryer from turning on at all.

If this is the problem, you can either try to fix it by yourself, or you can call a deep fryer repair Fairfax expert for help

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