Designing the Perfect Backyard Landscape

How to plan and design a perfect backyard landscape?

When it comes to designing a backyard landscape you have variety of choices available for landscaping. To create a perfect backyard, plan and ensure that your yard turns out as you visualized.

The perfect backyard layout does not take years to give a perfect look as careful landscaping gives a unique design and the right type of garden furniture makes it look beautiful. Planning each step by keeping in mind the climate, type of soil, yard size and other necessities helps to complete the designing in a better way.

While planning, make decisions on whether you want to incorporate water features, outdoor lighting and other features. Take permission from the local ordinance board to get any approvals before initiating work. Measure the backyard accurately and make an outline on a paper with different designs on it. Seek help from local utility companies and identify where phone lines, water, sewer and gas lines needs to be installed as this helps to avoid hazards. If you think that outlines seems to be crowded with all layers of information then try drawing it as multi-layered drawings with all the information. Use different colors to display plants, furniture, fountain, lights and other power or water lines. You can use green color for plants, brown for furniture, yellow for lights and power with blue for water.

The next step is to choose furniture. Just like interior designers start with a piece of fabric to decorate a room and so as the professional landscaper begin designing the backyard by outdoor furniture. Explore different types of furniture styles and designs from various online sources and magazines available at furniture stores. Ensure correct measurements and scale everything to buy the right fit. Then purchase the selected range of backyard furniture.

Planning the Landscape

Sketch landscaping around the furniture in your design and ensure that branches covered in thorns should not be planted around furniture. While designing your new home landscape, sketch the foliage as well to prevent planting too close to the furniture or fence. Hiring the services of a professional landscaper helps to get the best landscape as they have the art to choose native plants that conserve water, survive in the climate and are beautiful.

While designing the perfect backyard landscape, draw any water features and lights along with electrical and plumbing lines. The outline wiring, outlets and fixtures helps to pass the code inspection. Plan ahead for the total costs on different heads to keep the project flowing from beginning to end.

After drawing the outline, begin the backyard design by installation of ponds, electrical and plumbing lines. Next, install pathways and any other designs by incorporating flat bricks or rocks. Plant landscaping grass and create structures if any like gazebos and benches. Place any decorations like statues or figurines and when the landscaping grass grows then set the furniture in place. It takes at least one to two year for most of the plants to give their perfect look. Patience and careful pruning will leads to spectacular foliage and a perfect backyard landscape.

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