Essential Things To Know Before Tree Removal

When you see content on tree cutting online; most of it is focused on the assumption that there is more than one person available to do the job like a tree removal contractor or tree services. It also assumes that is the only tree in the vicinity that needs to be cut down.

Importance of timely tree removal

Reality is that most tree cutting happens in small and cramped spaces where the injury is an actual fear. The number of people available for the job is mostly one, and the equipment is not top notch. Most people do not have chainsaws readily available. And most of them are not too handy at using them either.

Tree removal tips

  1. Using a Chainsaw

We are making this guide focus on cutting the tree without the chainsaw. The reason is that chainsaws are extremely dangerous and should only be handled by expert hands. If novices use them, there are not enough safety goggles and gloves in the world to make the process one hundred percent safe. You are better off cutting the tree with tools that are easy to use by novices and do not need too much special handling.

Here are our considerations for you to follow when cutting a small tree.

  1. Cramped Space

When you are not cutting the tree in an open space, it is cut in small pieces step by step so that it does not fall like a huge log. That will be harder to move and will be dangerous during the fall.

  1. Professional Help

The problem with professional help is that sometimes it breaks open the yard in the process of cutting the tree. If you are doing it yourself, it’s a hard job. You cannot do it unless you are genuinely feeling up to the mark. Here the things you should look out for:

  1. Make sure that you know all the branches in the tree that you can stand on.
  2. Make sure that you know where the tree has a secure spot to place a ladder so that you can cut down all the branches on by one. Make sure that you have a rough estimate of where the branch is going to fall. You do not want it to land on something important on the ground.
  3. Branches are heavy, and they are proper logs, if they fall on something important, they are probably going to break the thing they land on.
  4. Make sure that you only consider using a chainsaw if you know how to use it.
  5. Biggest Obstacle

Now we talk about how actually to cut down the tree.

Main Branches: The main branches are branches on the top. They are fully grown and quite thick. They are going to make a trajectory during the fall. So make sure that you clear out all the area that they are going to fall into.

Cutting down the minor branches and the trunk is not that hard compared to cutting down the main branches.

  1. What Will You Need

Following are the things you will need to do the job properly.

  1. Ladder: You are not going for the conventional metal ladder that is shiny. Your ladder needs to complement the tree in height. I believe in avoiding climbing on to the branches for too many reasons. If you are cutting main branches, then you need a ladder that goes to that level.
  2. Rope: Ropes are useful to control the fall of the branches, they are used to make pulley to push things up and down when you are there, and they need.
  3. Reciprocating Saw: Again, chainsaws are dangerous to use a reciprocating saw.
  4. Handbow Saw: That is the saw that works when reciprocating saw doesn’t.
  5. Others: Chisel, band-aids, tools keeping bag, extension cord if you need more light. A reliable battery charged light source would also not go amiss.

These are the things that you need to prepare to get down to cutting the tree. The process is long and will be covered in the next post. We want you to consider only undertaking the process in the morning when there is plenty of light.

That way, you or a tree removal contractor or any tree services potomac md will be able to see everything from the best angle!

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