How To Treat Nasal Allergy

With the onset of spring, the time comes of pollen grains which brings a set of spring allergies many people. Allergies are of different kids but they usually happen form pollen grains, dust, animal fur and termite, carpet furs, air pollution and fecal material from different insects and termites. The most scary is the nasal allergy which is categorized as intermittent sneezing spells, itchy eyes, runny nose, post nasal drip and blocked nasal passages. These nasal allergies mostly occur in springtime and that is the time to visit your nasal allergy doctor. The doctor will give you the possible ways of treatment which are listed below.

Nasal Cleaning

The first thing that you can do for your nasal spring allergies is to clean and filter out your nose. You can do this through a neti pot or from your hands even. The process is that the neti pot is filled with a sterile saline water solution and is poured through one nostril and then filtered out from the other. This flushes out all the allergens, the irritant and dust particles and other bacteria. You can also put the solution in your hand and pour in one nostril and then release form other. You can either a saline water solution form store or make it at home. Do this cleaning of the nose as many times as you want.


These are over the counter tablets which your nasal allergy doctor will recommend you. They do not treat your allergies but reduce the symptoms of the nasal allergies which will give your relief for some time. Also, these might cause drowsiness to some people as well.

Essential Oils

You can also use natural oils such eucalyptus oil and frankincense oil to reduce your allergies. These oils help in reducing the dust particles in the air and reduce your allergies. You can diffuse and burn these oils in your house for 3 hours to remove the allergens from your house. You can also apply these oils to your chest and behind your ears for relief. You can also add the oils in your detergents to clean your clothes of the allergens.


If your spring allergies are at their extremes and you get no relief from any medicine or natural home remedies then the doctor will prescribe you corticosteroid nasal sprays for your nasal allergies. These are really helpful in reducing your allergies but they should never be used without a doctor’s prescription and they should only be used for 5 to 7 days or as prescribed by the doctor. The effect of these sprays is long term. These are prescribed only in terms of extreme blocked nasal passages and a lot of nasal drips and they help in clearing the blockages and clearing the inflammation of the nasal passages and also reduce the swelling.

The other thing you can do is to stay away from allergic particles as much as you can and visit your nasal allergy doctor whenever you get the allergies.

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