Expert reviews on Brazilian Keratin straightening

People often get surprised with the cost of Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment. They wonder why the treatment is so pricey. It is very hot trend in hair care and treatment. If you have frizzy hair, you can go for this hair smoothening and straightening treatment. The treatment will surely give a shine and bounce to the hair. The process can last up to 3-4 months depending on the number of times you shampoo your hair. The hair expert or hair stylist will charge on an hourly basis which may come around to $200 and it will take nearly 2 hours to complete it. So, your total bill can fall around to 400-450 dollars. After the treatment is over, you will have to buy a shampoo which is devoid of sodium chloride.

How is the Brazilian Keratin treatment carried out?

When you undertake the treatment, your hair will be offered protein-filled solution followed by iron straightening. You will smell during the entire process. Keratin is the key structural protein which is tough in nature. In fact, the outer layer of human nails, skin and hair is made up of keratin. Here the protein is infused into the hair with the help of heat. This infusion of protein or keratin tends to repair damaged hair and even smoothes the cuticle. Thus, at the end, you have more manageable, flexible, smooth and stronger hair. The treatment is often recommended to those who want straight hair and this is the reason why the term ‘straightening’ is attached to the treatment.

How to save money on Brazilian Keratin?

For many, the cost of the treatment, $450 is too much. They cannot afford the expensive treatment and thus they buy the kit in order to carry it out at home. The kit is easily available in the market and one can follow the given instructions. The hair is first softened with the substance called formaldehyde or manmade product. Then there is the use of flat iron to apply the solution to the hair. Brazilian Keratin, however, does not employ harsh chemicals to that extent and the results attained are too good. The very application of Keratin can repair the damage done to the internal hair and also act as protective layer for the hair. This prevents the hair from further damage.

Brazilian blowout md is the latest hair treatment that tends to repair the damage while making the hair straight and shiny. By applying Keratin, the protein found on the top layer, the stylist waterproofs the hair. This treatment is an outstanding way to reveal beautiful and glamorous tresses.

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