Foods and The Allergies Caused By Them

According to allergy specialist doctors– People might become allergic to pollens if they show adverse reactions to certain food articles like apples, nuts, celery, melons or even bananas. Facts suggest that people who are allergic to certain food types tend to have pollen allergies.

Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS)

Most common syndrome caused due to pollen allergies are the oral allergy syndrome (OAS) which is also called “the burning mouth syndrome”. As the name suggests, people tend to face burning sensations in their mouth after consuming certain food types. At times they might even face an acute pain, itching which might lead to difficulty in swallowing and breathing. They even get chocked. There are even rare cases of death, due to shock faced by the body from these allergies. Hence, frequent and regular check-up is advisable to allergy sensitive people.

Allergy Syndromes

The most common allergy syndromes are:

  1. Running nose
  2. Itchy and watery eyes
  3. Wheezing

The other common syndromes include nausea, headaches, rare cases of bronchitis tightening and even throat tightening. The sad part is that most people are not aware that these syndromes are caused due to the pollen allergy. They still continue to eat food items that tend to make things worse.

The Harmful Pollens

The most easily available pollen in our regular food items is the Ragweed pollen which tends to cause all above mentioned the troubles. These pollens are responsible for the reactions caused after consuming bananas, watermelons, honeydew and cantaloupe. The Sagebrush pollen is responsible for the allergies caused due to celery, carrots etc. Mugwort is the other commonly found allergy causing pollen.

The cross reactions

There are some type of foods that when are taken along with the allergy causing pollens tend to cross reach and have good positive effects on the body. It is very important for all the dieticians and doctors to be well aware of these cross reactors, so that they can advise people to consume all these reactors.

HLA gene is basically most prone to these allergies. Hence people with such genes must be prepared to report and get themselves treated once the OAS is detected.

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