How To Do Magic Tricks With A Pen?

The great thing about magic tricks is that you can use just about any household item and incorporate it into your performance. In some cases, you will need special magic props for the magic trick. Here is everything you need to know about doing different magic tricks with a pen.

The Pen And Coin Trick

This trick is perfect for beginners and it wows the audience to no end. All you need for this trick is a pen or pencil and a coin. The main gist of the trick is that you take a coin and place it in the palm of your hand.

Afterward, you will take the coin into your pointer finger and thumb and use a pen as a magic wand to tap on the coin. Keep in mind that the pen-yielding hand will be on top of the hand holding the coin. Just for dramatics, you will tap the pen with the coin a few times, before flipping the coin up with a swift hand maneuver and grabbing it with the other hand holding the pen.

This will make the coin magically “disappear” when in reality, it’s on the other hand. This can take some practice but you will eventually get there. Practice the hand trick in the mirror a couple of times until you refine the performance.

Morphing A Pencil Into Pens

Another cool trick you can do with pens is to turn a pencil into two pens. All you need for this is a small pencil, because it can easily be hidden, some pens (two in this case) and a box which is dark on the inside.

The dark interior of the box will create the illusion and also make it the perfect place to conceal the pens. Now the trick begins with you showing the audience the pencil and to make sure that it isn’t some trick, you can also write on a piece of paper with the pencil.

You can also show the inside of the box to the audience, without having to worry about the pens, because they will be concealed by the dark interior. Once that is done, you will place the pencil in the black box, which already has the two pens in it.

The trick here is to flick the pencil quickly so that it can be thrown away from the box and when you topple the box over, two pens will emerge, with no trace of the pencil. The main thing to practice here is the flicking of the pencil.

The Piercing Pen Trick

This trick is a great way to fool the audience and it gives a pretty legit illusion. You will need a card for this trick and a pencil or pen. Now the sneaky thing to do here is to select a card that is hard to make out because you will be making a small hole in it.

Use a single ace card or something which can conceal the slash easily. Carefully make a small slit for the pen to go through the card. The hole should be big enough to easily let the pen or pencil slip out.

Once you have the pen inside, this is where the trick begins. You will flick the pen holding the card with so much force that the pen slides out of the hole you made and for proof, you can show the now free card to the audience.

The small slash will not be noticeable, so the trick will be a success. This trick might take a bit of trial and error, but with practice, anything is possible. Since this trick is pretty basic, you can add in other distractions like talking to the audience about love binding spells during the performance.

Dollar Bill And Pen Trick

This trick is similar to the one mentioned above, but in this trick, you won’t have to pierce any paper or dollar bill. You will need an old pen for this trick, that you don’t mind dissecting into two pieces. You can attach small magnets on both of the cut sides of the pen and put a dollar bill in the middle.

The magnets will attract and it will seem as though the pen has pierced the dollar bill through. Now, this is what you will show your audience. To “free” the dollar from the pen, you will need to conceal the part where the pen meets the dollar bill and swiftly use hand gestures to free the dollar bill and mold the pen back together with the magnets.

You can show the audience the free dollar bill and the pen in a single piece, making sure to hide the junction of the dissected pen with your fingers. You may be able to get a similar pre-made pen from a magic store. Moreover, if you want to change the attire, you can select some items from a Halloween costume shop.

The Floating Pen

This trick is also amazing and it takes no practice at all to master. All you need for this trick is a really thin thread or black string and a pen. You will need to tie the string around the pen securely. It’s best to do this floating pen magic trick in a dark background because the string can’t be detected. You will need to attach the other side of the string either with your hand or on a sleeve button of the shirt you’re wearing.

This will make the trick look more convincing. Now, you can just wiggle your fingers and put your arms up and the audience will see the pen “floating” when in reality, it’s the string hoisting the pen up and down. It’s a fun trick to do in a group of people and it’s safe to say that they will be highly entertained.

The Static Pen Trick

This trick uses a pen that has an outer static body. You don’t need anything else for this trick. Take your static pen and rub it against your palms or even with your clothes. This will activate the electric charge on the body of the pen.

This will allow the pen to stick to your palm, even if you’re not gripping it. Try to rub the pen before you start the trick and when you do, just play around with it until it sticks to your palm.

Moving A Pen With Your Mind

This trick may sound pretty awesome, but all you need for this is a pen, a baseball cap, and sly breathing. This trick is best performed in front of one person who is sitting directly opposite to you.

Place a pen on a table and to make it move and be discreet, wear a baseball cap to conceal your mouth from the audience member and hang your head low as if you’re concentrating with your mind on moving the pen when in reality, you’re just lightly blowing on it and making it turn. The best results are achieved by using a smooth pen or pencil which has no sharp edges.


There you have it! Remember that all of the above-mentioned tricks can also be performed with a pencil. But whatever you use in your magic tricks, make sure you buy the items from a magic shop online so you’re prepared, and you will surely impress the crowd.

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