Corporate picnic games ideas

Organizing company picnic is a great way to bond and relax with colleagues. Picnics help in establishing a team spirit among employees and also gives a refreshing break from work. No company picnic is complete without exhilarating games. Games serve as a relief from boredom and act as stress buster too. Here are some great ideas for corporate picnic games.

Minute to win it – Challenges have to be completed in a 1 minute. You’ll need a timer. Try playing don’t blow the joker. Stack 3 deck of cards on 3 beer cans with joker placed at the bottom. Aim is to blow all the cards except the joker in 60 seconds. Each player can get three chances.

Sumo wrestling – You can rent out sumo wrestling suits. Two participants will wear an oversize sumo suits and try to push their opponent to the padded floor. Keep cameras ready for some interesting photographs.

Tug of war – You will need a long rope, tie a knot in the middle of the rope, draw a marker on the ground. Form two teams with equal number of members and once the judge tells to pull, each team can start pulling. The team that manages to pull the other team from the marker in the middle will win.

Three legged race – A great corporate fun game, especially for couples. Split into pairs. Each pair will stand next to each other and their legs will be tied up and let the race begin. To make the game a bit difficult, you can ask the pairs to hold a balloon between their legs.

And the Oscar goes to… – Everyone loves watching movies and making a movie is a great way to motivate employees. Divide into teams and give them a topic which they have to film. Pick interesting topics like murder mystery or abstract subjects like environment, etc., and ask them to make a five minute film. The team that enacts well will go home with the Oscar.

You can also organize more fun games like dog in the bone, sport activities like volleyball, football matches or water games depending on the location. Team picnics will help individuals come out of their shell, drop egos and play games that are fun and engaging. Corporate picnic games help employees learn something new about other colleagues, make them stand during the time of crisis and support each other when required.

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