Los Angeles Luxury Homes Are Not Just For the Rich and Famous

When it comes to Los Angeles luxury homes, there are a lot available in the amazing city. LA is unique, mainly due to its proximity to Hollywood, but also because the location means that the climate is good all year round. Although it can have a lot of sea mist rolling in off the Pacific Ocean, the heat of the sun soon burns it off. Luxury homes are situated all over the area. Many are waterfront properties with beautiful views of the ocean, gated and private communities, while some of the newer builds can be found alongside golf courses. When it comes to the complete package that makes a luxury home, then plenty of choice can be found in Los Angeles.

When it comes to celebrity houses, these would certainly sell for over a million, and will have been adapted to offer all of the luxuries that exist in a celebrity lifestyle. Buying one of these properties would certainly place you amongst the rich and famous in Hollywood. The most sought after properties are in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu and Pacific Palisades. These are the ocean view and celebrity areas, and the demand for these houses when they come up for sale is high. For those people looking for mountain views, then there are plenty of high priced properties in the eastern region of LA.

Obviously, the famous Los Angeles luxury homes which have been sold in the recent past went for really big money. The singer Madonna sold her LA home back in 2013 for a relatively cheap $19.5 million, compared with some other prices in the area. She did make a decent profit on it though, buying it for $10 million ten years earlier. Located at 9425 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, it has its own sound recording studio, swimming pool, tennis court, gym, along with 9 bedrooms, and 15 bathrooms.

Another recent luxury celebrity home that was sold for $24 million, was owned by the famous actor Jeremy Renner. Many people will remember him from the films The Borne Legacy, The Avengers and The Hurt Locker. The whole property covers an area of 10,005 sq. ft. It was bought by Nick Candy, a famous luxury home designer from Britain, and he is likely to do a lot of renovations to increase its overall value before selling it on to someone else.

You do not have to be super rich to be able to move into the famous areas of LA though. A modest half a million dollars can still get you a decent luxury home. The Hollywood Hills, Northridge and Sherman Oaks are very good areas to live, and offer many properties for around a million. They usually come with a good number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a large dining area, aircon, and a swimming pool. Although they are not surrounded by the glam and glitter of those who live in celebrity areas, they still reside in high class locations.

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