Building Inspections to Make Sure the Safety of Your Building

A building, whether it’s a house or commercial property, are suppose to be able to provide optimum protection for the people inside. But just like any other things, due to aging, change of weather as well as other factors, there will be flaws and damages that will cause some safety issues. Unfortunately most of these damages cannot be seen so easily, it requires trained eyes to be able to spot these damages, like an experienced building inspector.

Building inspections are thorough examination to the condition of a property that can be a residential or commercial property. The main purpose of these home inspections are to provide an accountable report that can be used by the owner of the property to do some repair and making improvements so the property can be a much safer place.

The Role of Home Inspectors

Ideally, a home inspector is someone highly trained, qualified, and have lots of experience in construction industry. That’s why usually building inspection companies are also construction companies that offer inspection services.

Home inspection companies are responsible in conducting a thorough analysis on a building to detect some issues with important factors concerning the safety and structural conditions of the building and its supporting systems such as plumbing and electricity.

The scope of house inspector responsibilities are including:

Site study – Examining the soil type, drainage system, as well as the vulnerability of the land in regards to earthquakes.

Building study – This is to examine any structural flaws both in design or construction, also to see whether the foundation is really strong.

Roof and walls issues – Checking out whether there are cracks, leakage or any other physical damages.

Other aspects – Electrical safety switches, fire alarms, smoke alarms, etc.

The end result of a house inspection is a report containing detailed information about the condition of the areas being examined. All the problems found in the property must be clearly laid out in the report.

That’s why it’s also important for you to get a building inspection when you’re in the process of buying a property so you should know that the property is a worthy investment or it’s just going to drain your pocket for repair jobs.

How to Find a Good Building Inspector

Not all building inspectors can provide you with high quality unbiased inspection report. There are a few important thing you should keep in mind when looking for a good building inspector.

First, don’t choose a building inspector recommended by a property agent who’s been trying to sell you a property. It’s more than likely that the inspector will give a report based on the personal interest of the agent.

Then you also need to be sure that the inspector you choose is licensed, have lots of experience, highly skilled, and have sufficient equipment including thermal imaging devices.

Also try to find a home inspector that can offer reasonable home inspection cost. A good inspection doesn’t need to be expensive, so look around, ask for references from people you trust and make comparisons so you can get a reasonable price.

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