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All you want to know about ayurveda treatment for asthma

Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicines originated in India thousands of years ago. In ayurveda asthma is named as ‘Tamak Shwas’. Asthma patients in an asthma clinic, generally adopt themselves to live with the disease. Modern medicine has made it possible to control the attack and difficulties caused by asthma. The herbal treatment followed in ayurveda is very relevant in the modern days as it significantly increases the gap between consecutive attacks and the intensity of the attack. Ayurveda procedures In ayurveda asthma is commonly considered as the result of predominance of some of the ‘doshas’ in  human…Read more

Raw Food Diet as Natural Asthma Remedies

The root cause for asthma in the present world is the low quality diet that the people consume. But very less do the people realize about this problem. The food they consider healthy and rich in the form of instantaneous packed food, are processed carbohydrates which are the catalyst to all the bad effects on our body. The present world is much dependent on the fast food, which involves frying of materials more than once. Such methods of cooking are the major reasons for the development of asthma in a particular body. Medical Treatments Medical treatments might provide you the…Read more