The Best Therapist Has Fur and 4 Legs

Psychologists have long known that dogs and even cats can help treat many types of minor and moderate health problems in people, which is why service dogs are becoming more and more popular for people who suffer from anxiety, slight depression, and other mental health issues. Specially trained dogs are used for people who have been diagnosed by professionals but it is possible for the common pet pooch to provide therapy keeping people mentally healthy and preventing them from suffering from some mild to moderate mental issues in the first place.

How Dogs Ease Stress and Anxiety

Dogs are simply themselves and never have any ulterior motive in what they do. Their actions, therefore, are always refreshing and often hilarious. From those cute little head butts to your arm when they are demanding to be petted to those impossible sleep positions dogs have the ability to bring smiles to faces of their owners and everyone they meet. But what about people who either can’t afford to have a dog of their own or simply don’t have the time, energy or health to care for a canine pet of their own? Can they still derive some therapeutic value from these furry friends? The answer is yes! Funny dog pictures can have some of the same therapeutic value as actually owning a dog of your own.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and nothing proves this saying is true than seeing funny dog pictures. All it takes in one picture of a large dog with his head stuck into a bucket, or a dog sleeping on his back with legs in the air and their tongue hanging from the side of their mouth to bring a smile to the face and lighten your mood and brighten your day. It is almost impossible to remain anxious or feel blue when you are laughing over some funny picture of a dog doing what comes naturally.

Funny Dog Pictures Abound!

The great thing about funny pictures of dogs is that they can be found everywhere at any time. You can find numerous dog pictures on the internet, in magazines, on television and even in the wallets of your dog loving friends. So these pictures of pooches are always available to cheer you up and lighten your mood.

Pictures of those Pups In Your Mind

While it is easy to find funny dog pictures anywhere at any time, the funniest dog pictures are those pictures of real life dogs in action that you carry in your mind. Whether walking in the park, visiting a dog owner, or visiting a rescue center you can see live action funny pictures of the dogs all over the place and these short little moving pictures of dogs can remain with you for years to come, from those clumsy pups chasing after a stick, to those lazy old dogs sleeping on the neighbors porch making a trampoline for squirrels or chipmunks.

So whenever you are feeling anxious due to work pressures or down in the dumps because that boyfriend or girlfriend has dumped you, then call up a funny dog picture and say goodbye to that the stress and heartache and enjoy the visual impression of man’s best friend in all of his hilarious glory.

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