Carpet Cleaning Tips: Caring for Over-Saturated Carpets

Carpets are mostly left damp after routine cleaning. However, accidents happen, and you should be prepared to clean your carpet from a coffee spill to a flood. For a small area rug that is wet, you can remove it from the floor and hang it outside until completely dried.

If someone dropped a pot of coffee on the carpet, extract it, then flood with water and add shampoo. Dry it with a fan, which cuts dry time by 50%. You can also use a vacuum cleaner (approved for wet vacuuming) to vacuum the wet carpet. This may not be able to remove the water from the carpet padding, though.

For wall to wall carpets, you need to remove the furniture first, so you can lift up your carpet and check the pad and floor underneath. Carpet cleaners in McKinney, TX suggest replacing the carpet padding if it is water damaged. It is less expensive than re-carpeting your entire home. A carpet pad absorbs a lot of fluid. Carpet fibers cannot hold much moisture, so it spills over to the pad underneath it, which absorbs the excess water and becomes saturated. A saturated carpet pad can remain wet for days.

Flooding or plumbing leaks makes carpet cleaning in McKinney, TX more difficult since it does not take much water for mold to grow. All it needs is a little moisture and a dark space. You won’t even know it’s there, especially on porous materials like carpets. Exposure to molds can cause health problems by irritating your nose, eyes, and lungs. It can trigger asthma, allergies, and hay fever.

You can prevent mold by drying water damage as quickly as you can. Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean up as much water as possible. Turn on the fans for 24 hours a day for a week or two. You can also rent a dehumidifier to dry out the room. These will prevent moisture from being re-deposited into the carpet. Start with the fans and follow with the dehumidifier. The fans will evaporate the water, which the humidifier will condense and pump out. Even if it feels dry, leave the dehumidifiers on for about three days.

If you want to dry the carpet faster, then use a heater. The warmer the air, the more humidity can be held. For really flooded areas, you can place one air mover every 10 to 16 feet along the wall.

However, know when it is time to throw in the towel and call carpet cleaners in McKinney, TX. For water that goes ankle deep, normal cleaning might not do anything. For something of this scale, carpet cleaning in McKinney, TX will have an emergency response group. ekoserve has professional cleaners who have undergone specialized training, and they have all the dehumidifiers, air movers, and other heavy equipment that can extract all the water out.

ekoserve provides a safe yet natural process of carpet cleaning in McKinney, Texas. You can check their website or give them a call for more details on their green products and solutions.

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