The Do’s & Don’ts of Using a Heating Pad Safely at Home

Top rated heating pads can relieve sore areas of your body, like your stomach, back, and legs. Infrared heating pad benefits include providing you comfort when you most need it but when used incorrectly, it can cause accidents – from simple burns to major injuries. Knowing how to properly use an infrared heating pad is very important if you plan to use one.

One major mistake is to fall asleep with the infrared heating pad on. Heating pads can get too hot and catch fire. Top rated heating pads have an automatic shut-off, which lets you use the pad for a certain time before it turns off by itself. These are much safer than the ones which you have to turn off  by yourself.

Leaving the heating pad on for too long on a particular area of the body may cause burns or blisters. Always put a towel on your skin before placing the heating pad, to protect your skin. Check your skin frequently to make sure you are not burning.

Top rated heating pads have different heat settings. Always start with the lowest heat setting, and only turn it up when needed. It’s not true that you will only get infrared heating pad benefits when you use the pad at its maximum heat level. Sometimes you only need a little heat to feel immediate relief.

Do not use an infrared heating pad on an infant or a child who cannot communicate yet. They will not be able to inform you if the heating pad is too hot. Do not use heating pads on people who have diabetes or poor circulation. Heat increases the blood flow to a specific body area. Increasing the blood flow to one particular muscle for a long time can cause inflammation, which can result in a slower healing process and increased pain. In addition, when you apply heat to one area for a long period of time, the blood gets trapped and will not be able to circulate to other areas. This may lead to tissue damage in the long run.

Do not put heating pads on sensitive areas, like your face. Oxygen cylinders should never be stored anywhere near the heating pad. Never use metallic objects like pins, for example, to hold the pad in place.

Plastic heating pad needs to have a cover. It can be slipped into a pillowcase as well. If the plastic cover tears up or wears out, you have to throw the pad away.

Always keep the heating pad straight when you place it on the sore muscle. The electrical wires inside the pads can break if you fold it, which can lead to a fire hazard.

LifeMats PRO is one of the top rated heating pads that are built to last. They can be used for a wide array of treatments, or just for day-to-day relaxation for a healthier and stress-free life.

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