What Is The Difference Between Brazilian Blowout And Japanese Hair Straightening

People often fail to recognize the difference between Brazilian blowout and Japanese hair straightening, it’s probably because these two are not very different from one another, and they tend to offer similar services. And most Brazilians blowout salons also offer Japanese straightening. If you try to be precise, you would be able to see a host of dissimilarities between the two.

Brazilian Blowout Reduces Frizzes But Japanese Hair Straightening Offers Pin-Straight Hair

Brazilian blowout is meant to minimize frizzes and tangles from your hair, this hair treatment is not supposed to make your hair look pin-straight. If you get a Brazilian blowout, your hair is likely to gain a brand-new shine that it lost because of pollution and several other reasons. Your hair is likely to get silkier and glossier with the Brazilian blowout done to it.

On the contrary, Japanese hair straightening tends to give you unalloyed straight hair. Your hair is likely to look as straight as a couple of needles, it won’t even twirl a bit in any case. For almost half a year of your hair salon visit, your hair will most certainly look immaculately straight.

Although Brazilian blowout and Japanese straightening aim to give straight hair, the results they produce look extremely different. The hair which has received Brazilian blowout – and the hair which has received Japanese hair straightening tend to seem like they are universes apart.

Brazilian Blowout Fades After 3 Months While Japanese Straightening Does Not

None of these straightening treatments are permanent, they are either temporary or semi-permanent. Both these straightening treatments have a certain time-limit after which their effect is going to cease to exist. Brazilian blowout, for instance, is most likely to fade after 3 to 4 months, so to say. Brazilian blowout exists more than 90 days in extremely rare cases. If you try and push it with a meticulous after-care, even then it will last just another month.

On the other hand, Japanese hair straightening treatment tends to last double the life of a Brazilian blowout. It easily goes up to 6 months. The procedure of Japanese hair straightening is lengthsome but it is totally worth the wait, because you are supposed to get pin-straight hair as a result of your patience and forbearance.

Ultimately, none of these hair treatments are permanent and you are unlikely to get straight hair forever. Because the straight hair are grown out by your natural hair. It takes a while but you would need a hair straightening treatment again then.

Japanese Hair Straightening Has A Comparatively Stricter Aftercare

You will have to follow an aftercare schedule no matter which one of these two procedures you choose to have. However, the one that comes with Japanese hair straightening is far more strict than the latter. If you get Japanese hair straightening treatment, you are forbidden to tuck your hair behind your ear for a couple of days albeit you are forsaken from washing your hair for next 72 hours even when it’s Brazilian blowout you opted for. Just because Japanese hair straightening is slightly more delicate, it needs an extra bit of caution.

You need to keep your hair absolutely straight even when you are sleeping, you will have to adopt this modus operandi and make it continue till 3 days at the least. You can’t touch your hair, you will have to leave them untouched and unsullied. That is the only way you can save your straightened hair.

Brazilian Blowout Takes Only 90 Minutes To Get Done While Japanese Hair Straightening Takes At Least 3-4 Hours In A Consecutive Order

There is yet another difference between the two of them. Brazilian blowout is a treatment you can get without getting yourself drained and exhausted, because it does not take more than 90 minutes for you to sit in one place. On the other hand, Japanese hair straightening takes double the time Brazilian blowout is supposed to consume, and hence you need to be prepared to be more worn out than ever.

If you choose to get a Brazilian blowout treatment, you are likely to get free from the hair salon more quickly. In an otherwise scenario, you will have to spend a good deal of hours in the Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville until it’s finally done!

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