What To Consider With A Masonry Outdoor Fireplace Design

An outdoor fireplace is an additional form of landscaping in the world today. Outdoor fireplaces make outdoor living space appealing by adding light, smell and heat. They serve different other functions apart from being a source of warmth; they can be used for cooking and creating beautiful sceneries as well. This paper looks at the various factors to be considered with a masonry outdoor fireplace design. These factors include:

The purpose of the Fireplace

The reasons for building an outdoor fireplace differ according to individual preferences. Whatever the reason is, for every design, the following aspects should be looked at

a) Functionality: The design of your fireplace can be made fit your desired need i.e the fireplace could be so functional as to bring warmth whilst repelling insects from spoiling the comfort of a outdoor cool evening. The same also brings an anesthetic feeling to the homestead and adds up to property owned.


  1. b) The Ambience: Fireplaces can be designed to add aesthetic value to the surrounding and be used to set different moods. A cozy open hearth is suitable for intimacy of small groups. For people who hold big parties, the design should be that with open ends so as to accommodate more people.The Hearth Design
    A model that fits your backyard well and complements your house should be carefully chosen. For instance, a stone fireplace brings out a rustic look in your backyard while a brick fireplace brings out a country look. The design should encompass the feel and mood that the fireplace is intended to bringCodes and
    Choosing the best codes and ordinances is important in ensuring both your home safety and the safety of the surrounding from the fire. This also makes the fireplace look perfect and suiting to your home.The size of the Fireplace
    The fireplace size should be scaled to the surrounding. Some fireplaces are designed to complement an existent stunning vista while others are meant to be the backyard vocal point. Whichever the case, the size should fit the intended purpose of the fireplace.

Decide on gas or wood-burning

The design must incorporate the choice of source of fire. Each source has its requirements on the design. Wood-burning offers natural sights, smells and sounds. It produces smoke and, therefore, need a chimney built to specifications. On the other hand, strict safety conditions should be put in place when using gas. In most cases, wood burning fireplace require construction permits while gas fireplace seldom require them. Gas fireplace produces neither smoke nor ashes, which is an advantage over the wood-burning fireplace.

Choose a fireplace kit

The choice of an appropriate kit will provide ease of assembly and thus create efficiency. The kits run the gamut, from ornate pieces to simple affairs. There are different styles of fireplace kits to suit your budget. It is important to note that different fireplace designs greatly determine the total cost of the fireplace.

Plan on adding additional features to the fireplace area

There should be an allowance to add more aesthetic furnishings to the fireplace. One can create an allowance for built-in seating that provides more comfortable warming than warming by the heat of the hearth. Built-in seats also add charm to the outdoor fireplace. Wood storage is another consideration that should be made in case of a wood-burning fireplace. Hire an efficient landscape contractor for fireplace installation.

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