Wood shutters vs vinyl shutters

To go for vinyl or wood shutters?

Are you looking for indoor shutters for your new property or planning to revamp one? Wondering whether to go for wood or vinyl shutters? As the name suggests, wood shutters are made out of wood and have been a popular choice since ages, but vinyl shutters have caught the fancy of home owners because of availability of greater options in the market. Before selecting the right shutters, one needs to understand the pros and cons involved.

DURABILITY: Wood has better strength than vinyl and comes in various shapes and sizes. If opting for wood shutters, find out about the quality of the wood. There are many imported wood shutters that use unknown wood species. Manufacturers cannot make large vinyl shutters for large windows because it is not strong enough to cover the area. Many vinyl shutters need divider rails or other support materials that can interfere with the look.

COLORS: Wood shutters come in various types of wood, finishes and colors. Can be easily painted or stained to match the color of your existing decor, or give a new look to your home. Vinyl shutters come in a variety of neutral shades and can be painted, tarnished or resurfaced.

MAINTENANCE: Wood shutters can be custom-made to fit windows. They are not recommended in moisture-prone zones as they are prone to insect attacks. On the other hand, vinyl shutters are best in high moisture areas, therefore a great option for outside and inside of the house like swimming pools, kitchen, basement, bathroom, etc. Vinyl shutters, especially hollow louvers provide a better protection from flames and does not warp. Also they are easier to clean.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Vinyl shutters are designed to look like wood, but the quality can differ across models. When viewed closely, one can find out the difference easily and does not come close to giving classic look and warm feeling of real wood.

ECONOMICAL: Vinyl shutters is less expensive when compared to wood. They also give better returns on your investment as there won’t be any problems like cracks, fade or peeling issues like wood. In short, they increase the resale value of your property.

Whether you select wood or vinyl shutters, visit retailers to find out about models and materials to find the difference. Place an order for shutters only after you have seen the sample. Do your homework to enjoy the maximum benefit.

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