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Fashion evolves and to be fashionable you need to become aware of latest fashion trends. From your hairstyle to makeup, from clothes to shoes and from handbag to hair clip everything have to be in sync. This is how you can look fashionable and lure others to follow your style. Your appearance is something which can let others to judge about your personality, taste, living standard and presence of mind. By following trends you can scintillate in your cosmos. Being fashionable does not at all means that you should avoid your comforts and blindly follow what celebrities do. Sorry girls, you need to make up your mind and use your brain to become fashion diva.

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Let’s first discuss about dresses. Girls with decent dresses always look good. Make sure that you should not opt for reveling and bashing outfits. College going girls can team up jeans and cool Ts which are always in trend. In case you want to make your appearance more pretty you can wear short skirts with decent tops. Office going girls should opt for formal attires.

Hairstyle is another important aspect of personality. Firstly, you should take hairstyle which suits your face cut, do not blindly follow any random hairstyle and spoil your own beauty. For this you can take the help of a professional hair stylist. Professional hairstylists have sheer knowledge of all trendy hairstyles of 2014 and thus he or she can better suggest you perfect hairstyle according to your face. Along with hairstyle, neon hair highlights are very much in trend. You can also try neon pink or sky blue highlight to get fashionable look.

Now, it is turn of makeup. You should wear the right makeup at right place. You should not overdo. Recently, eye makeup is very much in trend, the combination of dark kohl, eyeliner, mascara along with eyelash extensions are adoring girl’s eye. Yes, eyelash extensions are now becoming the talk of the town. You can also try fake extensions which look like the original one. Many reputable and trustworthy beauty salons are actively offering eyelash extensions of many types. You can try out one or many according to your choice and fashion demand.

At last, you should not avoid pairing right footwear to complete your look. Your look will be incomplete without matching or complimenting footwear. Try to match your footwear with your handbag. This will give you celebrity like appearance.

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