9 Interesting Facts About Granite Countertops

Whether you’re a new homeowner or just looking to renovate your kitchen after many years, I’m sure you’ve come across the brilliant idea of incorporating granite countertops into your homely abode.

Over the years, people have fallen in love with the versatility of granite worktops. Not only is the beautiful rock available in a variety of designs and patterns, it is also extremely affordable even for the most frugal of household budgets.

Before diving into the beauty and durability of this rock, here are a few interesting facts about granite countertops that you will be amazed to know about.

Granite Is Not Man Made

Fun fact here is that granite does not naturally occur in nature in the form of slabs. The stone is cut from the deepest of the surfaces underneath the earth, it is later on molded in stone refineries for commercial and household use.

It Is an Igneous Rock

As mentioned in point 1, granite is dug up from the deepest layers of the Earth. It is an igneous rock- meaning that it was formed by the cooling and solidification of volcanic lava. The natural structure of the granite stone owes to its super durability and you can enjoy its presence in your home for many years to come.

Granite Is Made from A Combination of Minerals

As already discussed, the Earth’s volcanic lava is rich in different minerals and materials that are quite unheard of. Granite is formed from a combination of minerals, mainly quartz, mica and feldspar to name a few. Depending on the mineral found in abundance, there are many colors and patterns of granite countertops that make each piece unique.

Granite Extraction Is A Tedious Process

It’s said that all good things come with their own set of challenges. Nonetheless, this beautiful versatile piece of rock is no exception. One way to extract the rock is by blasting it from granite quarries. Once the blasting process is done, the huge blocks are transported to the mines where it is cut only into smaller slabs. A large part of the mining process also centers around color coordinating different rocks that complement each other.

 Granite Rocks Do Have Fissures in Them

Now this might sound as a turn off, but let me explain. A granite fissure is a very common characteristic in the naturally occurring rock. It doesn’t make the rock any weaker, it is in fact a part of the rock’s natural formation. Fissures look like cracks when viewed by the normal person, but this feature is also very much loved by the aesthetically loving population.

Granite Is Very Much Breakable

Now don’t get me wrong, granite is probably one of the strongest of materials found on the planet, but that doesn’t make it virtually unbreakable. The reality is that granite can break, crack or even chip under pressure. So, it’s advisable to take proper care of your counters by not dropping any heavy objects on your kitchen countertops or overburdening the counter with heavy cutlery or crockery.

It’s Not the Countertop That’s in Trouble, It’s Your Knives

You might be a little worried about chips and streaks on your beautiful granite kitchen counters, but it’s important to note that your counter is still very much stronger than your knives. We advise using a cutting board to chop your veggies and meat if you don’t want your precious knives losing their sharpness anytime soon.

Granite Is Very Low Maintenance

It’s a bonus when you get to know that the most loved material on the home market is actually very easy to maintain and care for. The material is extremely strong, easy to clean and requires a few re-sealings once every 2 years at the most.

Granite Is A High Value Item

Needless to stay, we love the stone and we know you do too. Granite counters or any other home décor in the form of the stone is very much desirable on the market. It could be a potential investment at your part to increase the market value of your house.

Here you go guys, some popular facts about everyone’s beloved granite countertops. Contact trustworthy granite companies Rockville to get high quality granite slabs and counters for your kitchen.

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