Granite Countertop Cleaning Dos And Don’ts

There are so many dos and don’ts suggested by our granite installers. It is hard to keep track of all of them. So we have put together the easiest and yet most helpful dos and don’ts for you. The countertop is an important part of the kitchen, it must be looked after very well.

Granite Countertop Cleaning Care Dos

  1. Use a Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning

Microfiber cloth is the best solution for countertop cleaning. Spray a cleaning solution on the surface of the counter, let it sit there for 5-6 min approx. then use water to rinse the countertop and then finally use a microfiber cloth to gently dry clean it. The samples at granite countertop companies will let you know even better.

  1. Use Lukewarm Water to Clean Up the Countertop

To achieve a polished and sparkly look for your countertop, try to maintain the cleanliness every day. The first major step is to clean any spills or substances stuck to its surface, for its removal, use warm water along with soap and let it stay there for a minute or two and then begin the cleaning process. Also, don’t use too hot water as it might put your countertop at danger as advised by granite installers.

  1. Wipe off Any Spilt Liquid Immediately

As soon as you find any spills on the countertop, rush to the drawer and grab a soft cloth, preferably microfiber. Gently move the cloth against the kitchen countertop to get rid of the spills. If the spills stay on the countertop for too long, the color of granite can fade.

Granite Countertop Cleaning Care Don’ts

  1. Don’t Use Abrasive Sponges on the Countertop

Granite is a very soft natural stone and thus needs to be handled with care. The sponge you use for cleaning must never be abrasive. What we actually mean by this is never use the “green” side of the sponge because of its rough surface it can leave scratch marks on the countertop. Use the other “foam” side instead, it is much softer and safer to use or else you can revisit the granite countertop companies, just in case.

  1. Don’t Use Acids on the Countertop

Acid is a strong chemical liquid that can cause etching to granite. Granite is prone to acidic substances and thus can’t stand them for too long. If you leave acid on its surface, you will find dozen of etching spots all over it with no reverse process. Therefore, it is important to double-check the ingredients of the cleaning solution before you buy one and damage the entire countertop.

  1. Don’t Use Anything Containing Bleach or Ammonia

Bleach is a disinfecting cleaner that can cause a total breakdown to the granite countertop. Granite is vulnerable to ammonia and bleach like substances too, these two can actually cause the stone to break in pieces if used in excess. So it is a piece of sincere advice to never use them for your granite countertop. You might have to call up the granite installers again if you don’t follow the instructions rightly.

  1. Don’t Use Lemon on the Countertop

Lemon the juice is acidic and as mentioned earlier, the granite cannot sustain its harsh chemicals and therefore must be kept away from to. Its use might strip the stone of its original color, composition and most importantly hardness. So never use lemon on a granite countertop.

  1. Don’t Let Water Stay on the Countertop for Too Long

Water or any other liquid, be it soda, juice, ice cream, oil etc, do not let it sit on your countertop for hours on end. When you see spills on your countertop remove them immediately with a cloth. Granite is soft and unsealed. Thus, liquids can easily penetrate through its surface and damage its composition. The ramifications may include the color turning darker or getting dull. It may also leave yellow spots behind. These spots don’t diminish, they stay there forever. Therefore, make sure you never let anything stay on your countertop for too long.

The granite countertops are extremely ravishing, classy and attractive. If you are planning on buying one then go ahead and check out the samples present at granite countertop companies Potomac MD yourself for a better experience.

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