Does it cost more to construct masonry than any conventional wood frame construction?

Everyone dreams to own his house, and it gets more intricate, when someone wants to construct his house for he has to keep his mind on several aspects; one of them is exterior material for home. Masonry and Wood Frame have rather different methods of construction that may perplex anyone especially when money is a deciding factor.

Masonry and Wood Frame constructions are two widely used methods, and if we talk about differences in cost of both, we find that it depends on the several things like construction material, the way of building it etc. However, experts believe that Wood Frame Construction is completed quicker and it is around 4% or 5% cheaper than Masonry. Comparing only cost of construction is not enough; there are some other aspects that may help to get the right answer of this question.

Maintenance –

If we ponder on the maintenance of both kinds of houses, we see that Wood Frame needs more attention than the Masonry as you need to pay attention for mold and fungus, and rodent infestation, besides you also need to paint it every decade or earlier. You also have to look after of your house for termite damage, if your house goes through lot of sunshine, while on brick house, you need to pay less attention. Yes, if it is made of non-brick material, and stone masonry, you need to look after for termite damage. Masonry, thus, keep you away from expenditure of repairing, cleaning and painting as well.

Act as a good Insulator For Keeping comfortable temperature inside –

For comfortable home temperature, masonry home is also considered better than the other type of the houses. Experts believe that masonry home is a good insulator that keeps storing energy inside the home that keeps home warm in winter and cool in summer. Contrary to it, wood framing walls rapidly change inside temperature because they do not store energy inside. Consequently, it can be said that it also reduces electric consumptions and its bill as well.

Re-sale Value –

Re-sale value is very important point that cannot be missed while about constructing a house; however, resale value is a variable depending on several factors like condition of house and location, the resale value of masonry houses is much higher than the other sort of houses as per the research and widespread people’s belief because of its higher quality and less maintenance.

So, set your priorities and go ahead. LaGrass

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