Should I take photos of my car accident injuries as evidence?

Broken glasses, metal dents, frayed tires, and other fragments – car accidents can become messy. The remains of the wreckage can tell the jury or insurance company about what happened and who is at fault. So, it becomes necessary to take photographs of car accidents as evidence for your personal injury lawyer.

What should you do at the scene?

In order to protect yourself or to be on the safer side, inform the police and ensure they come to the scene to record the evidence and mention it in their report. Once the report is ready, the attorney or you should procure a copy of it and also the pictures taken by the police officer.

If you have your camera, take pictures of the wreckage, skid marks, direction of the vehicle where it was moving. Experts can determine the speed of the vehicle by looking at the skid marks or where the brakes were first applied. The evidence photographed can tell experts the speed of the other driver or if there was no way you could have immediately stopped the car before the accident. The experts will also take pictures of the scene and these photographs can be obtained through a discovery request by your car accident attorney.

Other evidences to reflect on

  • Cameras at the red signal – If there is a red light camera covering the scene, the camera could have captured the accident or crash. If the insurance agent claims that the other person was driving below the speed limit and if you disagree, then the time-stamped photographs from the red light signal can be used. Get in touch with the local municipality to obtain the photographs.
  • Crossroad records – If an accident has taken place at a junction, check out if it was designed and safely built? Take photographs of the junction or any signs. Ask the local municipality to give you the timing chart of the signal, logs and blueprint of the junction.
  • Towing records – If you end up staying in the accident site for a longer period, the towing records can tell about the condition of the driver at the arrival time of the tow truck operator.
  • 911 calls – Ask for the audio recordings of the 911 call made soon after the accident.

Hire an attorney

Gathering the pieces of evidence might not be that easy for you, so it is better to hire an experienced lawyer who will authenticate and present it before the insurance company or to the court. An auto accident lawyer can also advise you in detail about the evidence.

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