How long can window tints last in cars?

Many people thing that car window tint is a temporary upgrade which will not last for long. This is not the fact. If done properly with the help of car window tinting near me using good quality material it will last for many years.

Things to know about car window tinting

The best quality material combined with best craftsmanship has been found to surpass the life of your vehicle. The earlier generations of window tint had only short life span. This is the reason for the widespread misunderstanding about the life of car window tints.

Cheap window tint

The low priced self apply window tinting films contain only dyes to block the sun’s heat and to secure the privacy of your room.   Bubbles, peelings, discolorations etc occur on this tinted glass and because of such problems their life is limited to a maximum period of two years only. Within this period they become unpleasant to look at.    They also become ineffective in blocking sun’s heat and the ability to see through the glass is reduced. This necessitates the replacement of the film.

Hybrid window tint

Hybrid window tints for cars became popular during the last decade of the last century. Hybrid tint makes use of dyes which contain millions of particles of titanium or similar metals. These particles are very helpful in stabilizing dyes and providing additional protection from sun’s heat and UV light. They also prevent discoloration of the tint for many years.  If you can park the car in shaded area, their life span will increase further. In short one can expect a normal life of five years and in case of specialized care the life span can increase further.

Nano-ceramic tint

Latest addition in this field is nano-ceramic tints used for car windows.  In this tint no dyes or no metallic particles are used. Microscopic ceramic bits are used in this type of tinting which is significantly smaller and often thinner than human hair. Sunlight, moisture, heat, etc do not affect these microscopic particles in any manner. Though this type of window tints are little costlier than the earlier versions like  cheap window tint, hybrid window tint etc they last infinitely provided they are not damaged by scratches or damages caused by the breaking of the glass. Because of this property many protective car film springfield companies are offering life time warranty for their nano-ceramic window tints.

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