Top 7 Kitchen Countertop Trends To Know About

Trends are responsible for fashion movements all over the world. To gain the praise of your friends and families, you need to get updated with granite contractor for latest kitchen countertop trends:

Kitchen countertop trends:

Quartz is Giving a Tough Time to Granite

Granite has been a fan favorite of people since day one and no wonder any granite contractor is happy about the large granite countertop market.

However, thanks to science, artificial quartz rocks have entered the market and people are loving them. They are more durable and scratch resistant as compared to granites and also a little expensive.

Meet a reliable quartz countertop installer and give orders of your new kitchen countertops.

Polish, Hone and Leather Finishing

After getting a countertop, it is important to give it a touch of finesse, otherwise you won’t get that admirable sparkle from countertops.

Aside from polish, there are two other technologies. Honed and leather finish. While honed gives little to no shine and is a matte finish, leather presents a shinier surface and hides water and finger prints.

Depending upon your priorities, if you want to rent or sell a house, polish or leather finish is a better option while honing is awesome if you want to live yourself, considering matte touch stays for a long time.

Patterns or No Patterns

Research is done into quartz to make it appear like natural stone. To give it a natural rugged look, veins and specific patterns are introduced in it.

Sometimes people see a music video or a movie and request a granite contractor and quartz countertop installer to have the same textured countertops. At other times, they may want a similarity between bathroom tile texture and their newly installed countertop. From a public eye, patterned granite and quartz countertops are preferred because of their unique designs.

Everything is possible. If you want custom patterns, contact retailers and your granite contractor and he will fetch them for you!

Metallic Brackets and Backsplash

Brackets are mostly used for long length countertops. Their primary function is to support the long length, so that it does not break away. People prefer metallic brackets for their countertops. Copper and steel are fairly popular in this regard.

The purpose of backsplash is to prevent splashing of water. The trend is to match the color or create an interesting color combination of installed backsplash so that when a person enters a kitchen, he should like the color chemistry of both items.

Color Matching and Integrated Sinks

A newer trend in the fashion world consists of color matching and sink integration. Contact your quartz countertop installer and ask him to manufacture same colored integrated sinks for your kitchen.

With a tempo existing between both surfaces, not only they look eye appealing, they also make it easier for you to sweep a cloth and remove dirt. Now, dirt and small food bits won’t get stuck inside the space between sink and kitchen countertop.

Talk with your granite contractor to know about home aesthetics.

Neutral Colors are Trendier Than Bright Colored Countertops

There was a time when everyone was a fan of bright colored countertops. Entering a kitchen to see a bright slab and begin working right away.

The trends started changing when kitchens started getting more natural lighting via large windows and folding doors. Now people prefer neutral colored countertops which are neither too bright nor too dull.

A balance touch provides a more lavishing look.

Use of Both, Quartz and Granite Countertops

A house can have both, quartz and granite countertops. A new trend is to install both of them in your house. If you have a large space, you can install them side by side, a little bit of quartz and a little bit of granite but in doing so, remember to have a good color combination of both materials.

Kitchen countertop installation

Your goal should be to have matching material quartz and granite, so that it doesn’t feel awkward when view of your eye, transitions on countertop slabs from rest of the kitchen.

Ask your countertop contractor and quartz countertop installer potomac md to see the possibility of both materials, in harmony with your kitchen and bathrooms. Matching backsplash tiles can also be used for extra finishing.

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