How to organize a school carnival?

To put up a fun carnival, planning is of utmost importance. Apart from school carnival rentals, there are many more things that you are required to take into your considerations. Consider the following steps while planning your school carnival:

Tips for organizing school carnival

Assembling a team:

One needs to create a team. Elect a chairperson who will set goals to all the team members, communicate with the members and follow-up on the progress. Get a treasurer to determine the budget, keep a close watch on the expenses, prepare a sales report. Hire coordinators for decoration, game, ticket sales, prize, volunteers and donation. Division of responsibilities of these people can make the carnival a success.

Estimating the budget:

If the school has already organized a carnival, the concerned authorities will have an idea about the fundraising. If it is the first time, estimate the number of people expected to attend the fair, how much will the ticket cost and based on that, figure out the expenditure and profit. Also figure out how much you will spend on the games and the cost of each game, the cost of food, etc.

Allocate tasks:

The chairperson should assign tasks and ensure that is done on time. This can be achieved once you know the date and time of the carnival. Contact food vendors, game supplies, party rentals, arranging local police, fire department, etc. should be taken care of. Also finalize the games list as it will give enough time to design games.

Need for volunteers:

Find out how many volunteers are required. In addition to the carnival committee members, you will need volunteers for selling tickets, decorations, building games, setting up and taking down decorations, cleaning the area before and after the school carnival, preparing and selling food, distributing prizes.

Meeting on a regular basis:

Phone or emails are an option to communicate with the members, but it is best to have regular meetings. This will help to run plans with the members and get their opinion, if any problems. Also, it helps you keep a check on the progress of each member. Keep the principal posted about the progress.

Post report of the carnival:

Schedule a meeting after the carnival is over. Collect the reports from the members as it will be helpful in organizing the carnival. Ensure the reports are filed, such as expenditure details, income, list of games, tickets, how long did it take to set up, food details, vendor list, prizes and loopholes at this carnival.

You could hire a party entertainment service to help organize a school carnival.

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