How to take care of your straight hair?

Did you recently visit a Japanese hair straightening salon? Well, chances are that you would have received a straightening treatment. However, it does not end at getting straight hair. Taking care of your straight hair is the next part, which often many women overlook. As a result of this, the life of their hair treatment reduces, and the results are not prolonged.

Taking care of hair after straightening

So, how should you take care of your straight hair? Well, it is rather simple. Once you have straightened your hair, you just need to follow some basic tips that will ensure that you are getting the most out of your straightened hair.

In this article, we put together everything that you should know about post-hair-straightening care.

Regular shampoos

Straight hair requires a regular schedule with shampoo. That is because thicker hair is usually drier and requires less washing. However, straight hair typically absorbs more oil from the surroundings and hence, becomes greasy very easily. As a result of this, the hair also becomes limper, and the volume is lost.

One good solution would be to use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo to wash the hair every other day. This way, you will keep the hair strands from drying out and will also be able to maintain the right volume.

Use dry shampoo

Between the showering sessions and after some workout, consider using a dry shampoo to get rid of any buildup of grease. It takes a few minutes for the dry shampoo to work the magic. However, once it has sucked up all the oil and dirt, you can then massage the scalp and walk out.

However, remember that dry shampoos are not a replacement for regular shampoos. This is great for some volume. However, it can also build up on the scalp over time, which means that you do need to wash your hair every other day.

Creating volume

If you have fine and thin hair, then you need a boost of volume. This will require a texturizing spray that you will use and then blow-dry the hair upwards from the root. However, be careful with the products that you are using for creating volume. Sometimes, some products promise high volume but are damaging for the hair in the long run. These are the products that you need to avoid at all costs.

Be careful with conditioners

Often at times, women use conditioners for some moisturizing. However, when it comes to women with straight hair, it is very easy to overdo it. This is especially true if you have thin or fine hair that you have straightened. So, make sure that you are checking the formula which you are buying. Instead of creamy options, choose lighter formulas and conditioners. Also, avoid applying it to the scalp or the roots if you do not want your entire head to become greasy.

Re-check the heat settings on the blow-dryer

This certainly does not mean that you must crank the settings all the way up. However, sometimes, cold hair can also help tame frizz and breakage. Furthermore, if you are blow drying at a very high temperature, you are eventually going to damage the hair. And that is something you really do not want.


To take care of your straight hair after treatment, make sure that you remember all the tips that we have mentioned above. This way, you will be able to get the most out of your hair straightening treatment and your results will also last longer. All professionals at hair straightening salons Potomac will also tell you the same thing eventually.

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