Negative Aspects Of Online Dating


The process of dating evolved during the late 80’s; it was beautiful and laid back the process back then. The methodology and the style of dating have changed gradually over the years. The candle light dinners, beach walks all were really fancy and new forms of dating during those golden years. But now everything has changed and become internet oriented. Right from choosing the partner of your types, getting to spend time with them, analyzing their likes and choices, everything one gets through various online dating websites.  But the million dollar question is whether this online dating is as efficient as the old school one.

The negative aspects

The good old way of eye to eye conversations has gone down in this form dating. Many people consider it “unromantic” and the possibilities of getting attracted to each other go low. Well it’s not that easy for two of them to talk or flirt through screens or e-mails.

Well of course they have their perks, like your personal information is preserved and protected. One can analyze the basic outline of the character of the person on the other side of the screen. There are three main disadvantages that concern online internet dating.

  • Vulnerability

Most of the people who prefer online dating are the ones who are either lonely or desperate to get into a relationship.  But there is the dark side where people fake themselves, cheat and turn out to be thieves in real life. It is really sad to see someone lovely on the screen but a cheat in real life. One way to get past such heart-breaking situation is to not give away any sensitive personal information online.

  • Clinical nature

This whole process of online dating reduces the judgmental ability of a person. It is not that easy to study the character of a person through the screen. The body language and the attitude of a person can never be analyzed fully via webcams.

  • Social stigma

Internet dating is considered to be for the losers, who lack the guts to go out there and date eye to eye. People lacking confidence are the first ones to register themselves online to date. But experts feel that this form of internet dating will become the prime form of dating for the next generation of people.

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