Rice Toss Alternatives for your Wedding

The rice toss, that old staple of wedding ceremonies past, has gotten a bad rap as of late. Someone started a rumor that uncooked rice was fatal to birds–it’s a rumor that isn’t the slightest bit true, but it was enough to make the rice toss fall out of favor. We say if you feel like getting rice pitched at you on your wedding day, you should go for it. But there are plenty of other options for your congratulatory fusillade. Here are a few non-rice alternatives to consider.


The whole point of having a glitter toss at your reception is that a good photographer can get some killer pictures as it happened. Oh, and so that you can photograph your groom shaking the shiny dandruff out of his hair all night. Glitter’s fun, and pretty, but it’s also unspeakably messy. We recommend a glitter toss only if you’re going to be a good sport about finding it in your body crevices for the next week, and only if your venue has a hardwood floor for easy cleanup. Carpet and glitter don’t mix.


Confetti can be just as fun as glitter, with a cleanup that’s about a thousand times easier. You can give your guests confetti poppers to pull as you go down the aisle, or paper cones full of the stuff or you can spring for a confetti cannon and go out like rock stars. Either way, it’s a fun and festive alternative.

Herb cones

For a sweet-smelling send-off, you can set up a table with various fresh and dried herbs, along with paper cones for your friends to create a custom blend for tossing. We recommend lavender, rosemary, and mint for sure, but you can add other herbs that suit your own personal tastes.


No, we don’t suggest that your guests throw sparklers at you. Rather, they should line up on either side of the exit hallway, light the sparklers, and wave them in celebration as you walk by. Just make sure you get wedding sparklers–they’re specially formulated to burn more predictably, less hot, and with less smoke than 4th of July sparklers, so they’re not as dangerous to use in bulk.

Mini beach balls

For a beach wedding, here’s an adorable idea: give your guests mini beach balls for your recessional. They’ll have fun pelting you, but you can also grab a few balls and throw them right back. It’s a game that’s likely to continue all through the reception, to the general delight of all involved.


When you think about it, bubbles are the perfect rice-toss alternative: they can’t be thrown hard enough to sting, they don’t murder birds (even apocryphally), and there’s virtually no cleanup. After all, they’re made out of soap! Just make sure your bridal gown won’t get stained or discolored by the bubble solution, and you’re good to go. Make sure your photographer is on point for pictures, as bubbles tend to produce some stunning photo ops.

Whether you’re taking a handful of Uncle Ben’s to the face or walking through bubbles, just take steps to ensure your wedding recessional is a memorable one with these rice toss alternatives.

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