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Add a Touch of Flair to Your Party with a Clear Span Tent

Party planning is always exciting, yet it can be a little stressful when you want your event to be amazing. Whether you are planning a corporate bash or celebrating your wife’s birthday, one of the biggest party planning issues is setting up the venue. Fortunately, clear span tents offer a way to open up your options for adding a touch of flair to your party that makes it an event to be remembered. Choose from Multiple Size Options One of the biggest challenges that people encounter while party planning is finding a venue that is large enough to comfortably handle…Read more

Rice Toss Alternatives for your Wedding

The rice toss, that old staple of wedding ceremonies past, has gotten a bad rap as of late. Someone started a rumor that uncooked rice was fatal to birds–it’s a rumor that isn’t the slightest bit true, but it was enough to make the rice toss fall out of favor. We say if you feel like getting rice pitched at you on your wedding day, you should go for it. But there are plenty of other options for your congratulatory fusillade. Here are a few non-rice alternatives to consider. Glitter The whole point of having a glitter toss at your…Read more

Why should I hire a DJ at my Wedding reception?

Make your Wedding reception more entertaining with DJ music A wedding is a special day of your life, right? Don’t you want to make it unforgettable for your guests? You selected best wedding entertainment company, hired finest caterers for wedding food and paid handsome amount of money on wedding reception. Still, your wedding reception lack fun element! Yes, you do want, like every bridegroom. In order to entertain your guests, you spent your time, effort and money for best possible wedding arrangement. You can bring fun by hiring DJ for Wedding. Music and dance is something which can set your…Read more

Hairstyles that Look Best on a Bride

A Bride has to look exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day. Having the best hairstyle is an important part of the bridal ensemble and brides need to make sure that their hair is well styled into hairstyles that suit them on their wedding day. The hairstyles have to match the bride’s body type, weight, facial structure, type of dress that the bride has decided to wear and also with the makeup and jewelry that is worn by the bride. Also the length of the hair plays a crucial part in choosing the best hairstyle for the bride. The following are…Read more