Two Resources Magical For Seduction


This bath is used if you want to emphasize your ability to attract or seduce. The items needed are very cheap and easily available. You’ll need seven daisies, sprigs of lavender, cinnamon sticks, an apple, orange peel and a red candle.

You need to do this bath in a bathtub. Prepare the bathtub with hot water and place in it the daisies, cinnamon, orange peel, lavender. Cut the apple in two and throw it into the tub. Wait until it is safe to enter. (Let the water cool until it is just warm)

Before entering the bath make sure you place the candle in a safe place close enough to light once you enter the bath. Once inside the bath relax and enjoy. Do not use soap. This bath is not to get clean it is to absorb the items in the bath water. Once you are done put on a robe and let your skin dry naturally. The will let your skin absorb the magic.


This amulet is reputed to be very effective and truthfully it is not expensive to make. Find pink quartz that catches your eye, you like for its color and beauty. You will also need to acquire a pink candle, some lavender, ginger root, four rose petals, and one meter of pink silk ribbon.

This is not a Binding love with white magic

Choose a Friday night during waning moon.

Light the candle and place beside it the ginger, lavender, rose petals and surround it with a circle made with the pink silk ribbon. Now hold the quarts with either of your hands and say with fervor and emotion:

“We humbly ask the four elements of nature to activate and fill this quartz with power to bring me love, the passion so that my life is full of joy and happiness. So be it”

Now place the quartz within the circle formed with pink ribbon and let the candle burn completely.

You must stay with the candle for and visualize with your mind’s eye that you attract the man of your dreams. There is also a spirit called Pomba Gira is very effective for Love Spells (Amarres de Amor con Pomba Gira)

Once the candle burns out, grab the rose petals, lavender, ginger and the remains of the candle and get rid of them. Afterwards, carry the pink quartz with you always. You will see its enormous power to attract love.

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