What’s The Difference Between Event Planning And Event Production

Whether you’re someone who attends events regularly or plans them, event planning and event production are two terms that you might have heard of a lot. Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the two of them? Do you need an event planner or an event production company. Well, keep on reading to find out exactly that.

Event Planning

Event planning basically includes planning and execution of all the things which matter externally. Without these things, an event may look and feel incomplete. These details are very important to go over because they are going to make the whole experience a lot better for the attendees.

Event planning is a very creative process and there’s no need to delve into the technical side of things. An event planner is also a manager, but they are a bit more creatively skewed, and they try to bring a vision to life by incorporating details and external perks to an event.

Event planners have contacts, and work, with various vendors, and those people are basically the working force of the event. These vendors are hired by event planners and they are the ones who give direction to the workers and give life to the vision, communicated by the main stakeholders of the event. It’s very important to keep in mind that an event needs to be planned and executed in accordance with the people who are attending it because if the event is in tune with the service and the message someone is trying to convey, then it makes the experience that much better.

Here are the main things which come under the umbrella of event planning:

Food & Catering

One of the most important things an event planner is responsible for, is the food, catering services, and the decoration for the event. These things are crucial in any event and without food or even refreshments, an event might seem pretty rushed and it won’t be a good experience for the people attending it.

There are vendors that an event planner contacts and they are given the job of preparing the food, delivering it to the venue, and making sure that everything is set up in a way that’s visually appetizing to the attendees. If the guests and attendees are taken care of, then it’s going to keep everyone happy and the event will be a success.

Seating Arrangement

Another very crucial thing for an event is the venue and the seating arrangement for the guests and the attendees. An event planner needs to find the perfect place for the event, which will hold a lot of people and will look very beautiful as well. It also needs to be within budget and approved by the stakeholders of the event.

The seating arrangement might seem pretty insignificant and you might think that everyone can sit wherever they want, but the main thing to keep in mind is the fact that everyone should be seated in a way that the main center stage of the event is visible and audible from every direction. And the job of the event planner is to make sure of this.


Last but not least, an event planner is also someone who sticks to the budget given by the authorities/company. They have to be strategic and smart with the money that they have and they need to complete all of the necessary requirements for executing the event within the allocated budget.

Event planners are only allowed a relaxation in the budget if they have a good reason to include something in the event, which will add to the experience.

Event Production

Event production is also an essential part of event execution. Event production is the collection of things that make the event experience better. It focuses on the internal and technical side of things, which are important for an event to be successfully executed. Event producers are knowledgeable in the field of media production and they deal with the things which stimulate the visual and audible tastes of an attendee.

Event producers are not involved in how an event looks on the outside, rather they are mostly involved in things going on behind the scenes, and they make sure that the event is being executed in the right way, technically. So, event production, in simple terms, is the harmonious blend of event management, along with technical skills. These people are responsible for being 5 steps ahead every single time. They overlook the event and try to make sure that if there are any technical issues like speakers not working properly, the ventilation system breaking down or the AV system giving up at the last minute; they can fix it timely.

As a general rule, all event producers can be planners. It means that event producers can handle the creative side of things if the management is in a bind and can’t find a planner in time, but an event planner is not someone who can supervise the technical things of an event.

Here are some things which come under the responsibility of an event producer and he/she needs to make sure that everything is running smoothly in the event.

Client Experience

First of all, an event producer is responsible for making sure that the client/attendee has a great experience throughout the event. This includes making sure that all of the speakers, audio-visual systems, and projectors are working in perfect condition.

If the guests can’t hear the keynote speakers properly or they’re having a hard time seeing the video of the product or service on a screen projector, then that’s a huge blunder, on the producer’s part. So, rent the equipment from audio visual rentals and hire professionals.

Visual Appeal

This is different from the event venue looking breathtaking. The visual appeal comes from the fact that the whole set up of the audio-visual system is not only perfect, but it serves the purpose. This means that an event producer can take full advantage of technology and incorporate it into the nitty-gritty of the technical things and make the experience worthwhile.

You can have e-surveys at the beginning and end-of-event feedbacks, have AI-supported introductions of the product or service in the event and you can also have other technological incorporations in the entirety of the event. If your event is for an online service of some sort, then you can have demos in the event as well.

Overall Comfort

As an event producer, you also need to make sure that you’re providing comfort to the guests and attendees. This includes making sure that all of the air conditioning or heating units are working, the bathrooms are in good condition and if there’s any problem occurring anywhere, you need to be able to fix it right away.

Being a problem solver and technical thinker are two of the most important qualities of an event producer and those are key to a successful event.


Event planning and event production are both key parts of an event and no event, no matter how big or small, isn’t complete without the two of these integral parts. Now, you know exactly what each term is. Ensure to hire expert event planners and event production services. aio

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