5 Ducted AC Maintenance Tips To Follow

Ducted AC needs to be maintained and cleaned up by AC repair services to continue performing efficiently. There are a lot of things associated with the maintenance of AC so here are a few maintenance tips.

Professional Inspections

Seeking professional help should be the first thing on your mind when you are dealing with AC repairs. The HVAC unit should be inspected for maintenance on a yearly basis by an HVAC repair services so that it doesn’t cause any inconvenience for you in the following year.

This prolongs the lifespan of an HVAC system because the problems are picked in their early stages. This is how they are fixed immediately and cause the HVAC system to perform efficiently throughout. Calling up a professional air conditioner service for inspection that is done annually can save a lot of money for you as well.

Air Filter Cleaning

Air filters are the most important thing in your AC unit because they filter out all the allergens in the atmosphere to provide you with healthy air. This means regular air filters cleaning is imminent because of its high use of filtering.

Clogged air filters can cause your air conditioning system to work imperfectly, give out warm air and sometimes overwork itself and add up to the energy bill. A simple 5-minute routine once or twice a month to clean the air filters will save a lot of your money that may spend on maintenance if the HVAC system gets broken down due to clogged air filters.

Outdoor Air Conditioner Coils

Condenser and AC coils are the outside units of an AC system. Due to their vulnerability to the atmosphere, they collect dirt and debris in them which can restrict the AC to perform up to its potential. Though the coil has a filter fitted inside of it, it’s still not enough to contain the dirt and debris that is collected by the harsh weather like rain, wind and snow.

If they aren’t taken care of properly then they are prone to break down and cause your HVAC system to go down with it as well. It can sometimes be so bad that the repair experts recommend getting a new unit and throwing the old one away. A timely cleanup of the dirt that has been accumulated on the coil is important.

Unclog the Drains

An AC drains is something professional AC experts do when they are facing a humidity issue. Just like how the filters can be logged with all the dust, mold and bacteria, the unit’s drain can also face the same difficulty for it to restrict the humidity of a room to be decreased. A ducted AC system has an option to reduce humidity but if the drain is blocked then it wouldn’t work. Poke a long, stiff wire inside the drain of the unit to unclog it and saving your room from having its walls and carpet be ruined from humidity.

Preparing For Winter

When summer is over and winter is just around the corner, everyone is happy for Christmas but your AC system is about to take a huge toll if you haven’t prepared it to endure the winter. Since you won’t be using the AC system in winters, it is important that you cover it, especially the outdoor units. Protecting them is a great step to have them reusable in the next summer without having the need for a full repair.

These tips will help your ducted AC to maintain its efficiency and less reason to call professional HVAC repair services Chantilly VA.

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