Granite Vs Quartzite Countertops

Granite and quartzite are trendy countertops. But what is the difference between them? Before deciding about which one to purchase, you should investigate the benefits of both quartzite and granite countertops.

Using natural stone in your home, either at the time of home construction or renovation, can increase the resale value. Not only this, these natural stones add elegance to your home.

Let us consider some physical elements of both the stones so that you can decide which stone fits best according to your needs.

Formation And Variations


It is one of the densest materials found naturally. Quartzite is formed when sandstone, containing high quartzite content, is exposed to high pressure and heat.

Generally, quartzite has shades of grey and white but can also be found in other colors. This color variation is due to different mineral content.


When magma cools, granite is formed. The cooling of magma creates large crystals of minerals, giving granite colors.

Granite comes in hundreds of colors and styles.



Quartzite gives an elegant look to your countertops, comparable to marble countertops. The functionality of quartzite countertops is much more than the marble ones.


Granite adds instant appeal to the part of the house where it is used, especially the kitchen. In appearance, granite has an obvious advantage over quantize. Granite has to offer more styles and colors than quartzite.



Generally, quartzite starts around $60-$70 per square foot, and this price can increase if the quartzite you have chosen is rare.


Granite costs less than quartzite. The installation of granite can be typically around $40-$100 with the higher end being the rare one.



If durability is what you are looking for, then quartzite is the best option. It is incredibly durable and is so easy to clean. You just have to use soap and water. A quartzite countertop is a low and easy maintenance.


If compared, granite countertop is not as durable as the quartzite one, but still, it is very durable. It is also easy to clean, but you should not use any harsh chemicals like bleach or vinegar etc. Harsh chemicals can ruin the polished surface of your countertop.


The installation of both the countertops, quartzite as well as granite, requires professional assistance. By involving a professional, you can reduce the risk of any damages during the process.



Quartzite countertops are scratch, heat and stain-resistant and are the most durable material. They are perfect for kitchen use.


Granite is also durable and heat resistant. But you should never use a knife directly on the countertop as the knife can damage it. You should also be very careful while handling heavy objects near the corners of a granite countertop. A heavy object falling on the countertop can chip or break it.

Resistance To Moisture


If your quartzite countertop is sealed correctly, it will be moisture resistant. You need to reseal your countertop periodically as the sealants don’t last forever. Do not let any liquid pool on your countertop, because you never know when your sealant has stopped working.


Same applies to a granite countertop if sealed properly. No moisture issues. But a granite countertop doesn’t require resealing as often as a quartzite countertop.

Resistance Against Heat

Both quartzite and granite are heat resistant. Quartzite can withstand the hot kitchen pots but it’s better to use hot pads or trivets just in case. Granite is one of the most heat resistant materials. The hot kitchen pots, if placed directly on the countertop, will not cause any damage. But it’s better to use hot pads if you can.

Resale Benefit

Both quartzite and granite increase your home’s value. Having natural stone for countertops is loved by almost every homeowner. Typically, homeowners recover all, even more than the actual installation cost when they sell their home. However, the increasing popularity of granite is causing loss of its rarity appeal. Therefore, quartzite has, in this regard, a slight edge over granite.

Installing any of these two materials by a skilled granite contractor Rockville will be a good investment. You can benefit from either of them aesthetically and financially. Hopefully, our easy guide will help you in deciding which countertop material will suit your needs best.

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