How To Deal With Thin Hair

People often go to the hair transplant clinic to have to deal with their hair loss and get new hair but for people who have thin hair have a whole different story. Thinning hair means minor hair loss but doesn’t cause baldness like excessive hair loss. They are a root of unhealthy hair and can be a problem to a person’s look and confidence.

What Causes Thinning of Hair?

Your daily lifestyle and habits as well as your diet or genetics or the way you treat your hair can be a root cause of your unhealthy and thin hair.

  • Experimenting with your hair like color, excessive shampoo use, etc.
  • Using hard hair gels, conditioners and other hair products can damage your hair badly.
  • Not getting the proper diet means your hair is not getting enough iron and other minerals into their follicles which results in lesser hair being produced.
  • Stress is not only unhealthy for your body but also unhealthy for your hair, causing them to fall and turning them white.
  • Losing around 15 pounds in a short time
  • Have a skin disorder or infection

To nourish your hair back, there are a lot of home remedies as well as medicated techniques.

Hair transplant tips

  1. Massaging Your Head with Essential Oils

Oiling your hair and massaging your scalp is the best home remedy. You don’t have to go to a hair transplant clinic. Lavender oil which is used in aromatherapy is the best essential oil to be used. While applying, gently apply pressure on your scalp to circulate blood around the head. This is the cheapest method and doesn’t have any side effects.

  1. Have a Healthy Diet

Giving proper nutrition to your hair is very important. Healthy hair means strong and thick hair. Eat your greens that have lots of irons in them like spinach, beans, tofu etc. Healthy hair grows on the inside. Good diet is a source of healthy lifestyle whether it be mental or physical. Avoid coffee, alcohol and tobacco and have your food cooked in olive or coconut oil.

  1. Use Proper Shampoos

Hair transplantation is an option. You can choose to use hair thickening shampoos and other prescribed medicated shampoos. They provide volume to your hair that makes your hair look thicker and stronger. These products contain amino acids that provides a healthier scalp. Consider using it at least thrice a week and you will see results.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great source of healing and repairing dead skin cells. They can help your hair to have volume and make them thicker by stimulating hair growth from shrunken follicles. Aloe Vera is also useful for skin and its juice is also essential for your health.

  1. Prevent Hair Styling Methods

Straightening, curling or blow drying your hair on a regular basis is a basic source of hair fall. The less heat you use to style your hair, the better. Heat can destroy your way in a short amount of time because of how dry and brittle they make your hair. This is the main source of thinning of hair.

  1. Laser Therapy at Home

Laser Therapy is mostly used in laser hair transplant clinic and hair transplantation but there are some products that are cleared to be used in the comfort of your household. These can regrow your hair by using 650 nanometer lights directed at your scalp. They are also very expensive so consider talking to a dermatologist before buying.

  1. Supplements

Supplements such as folic acid. They are B type vitamin which encourages new cell generation. Folic acid helps follicles to grow new hair in balding areas.

  1. Multivitamins

Malnourishment is a source of thin hair. If you are going through some eating deficiency then it may cause your hair to fall or have thin hair. Go to your doctor and get a blood test to determine if you are actually malnourished. If you are malnourished than your physician may prescribe you with some multivitamins that you need to consume on a daily basis which consist of the natural minerals required for your body and the growth of your hair.

In short, you need to get hair transplantation if you have thin hair. These tips can help you get through all the trouble in dealing with your thin hair. All you need I just extra care.

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