What Is Tennis Elbow And What Are The Best Treatments For It

Most people refer to tennis elbow as elbow injuries which is not wrong but technically not right either. Tennis elbow is the strain on the tendons surrounding your elbow which results in the inflammation or swelling of your elbow bone and area surrounding it.

What Causes Tennis elbow?

Elbow injuries are caused by the usual strenuous activities. If you are a constant tennis player and never miss a training then you might experience tennis elbow however following is what causes it:

  • An injury around the elbow during your sport training.
  • Vigorous training for a lot of hours.
  • Every day strenuous activities can cause tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow treatment is available whenever you happen to acquire it but you are likely to feel extreme pain for a few days.

Symptoms of tennis elbow          

Some of the common symptoms of tennis elbow are:

  • Swollen elbow
  • Sharp pain in your elbow
  • Difficulty in stretching your hand and wrist
  • Difficulty in moving objects or lifting them up and down etc. basically any type of movement.

Treatments for Elbow Injuries

Elbow injuries can be a huge pain for someone who plays sports or is used to dealing with a lot of activities. If you happen to be one of those then you know how difficult it is to cope with pain and resting your arm till it heals eventually.

Some of The Tennis Elbow Treatment Consists Of

  • RICE

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Many doctors suggest this method. You have to rest your arm and then ice it for say 15 to 20 minutes. Compression and elevation works too but the main tennis elbow treatment consists of icing it for a few minutes as soon as you feel pain.

  • Injections

In some cases, you are injected with steroids or other such injections which relieves you of your pains. These injections allow you to rest for a day or two and then you are free to go about with your activities but you are advised to take it slow. However, injections are put to use if the injury is a bit severe.

  • Pain Killers

Some doctors mainly suggest resting your elbow and taking some medications probably aspirin if you’re above 20. But pain killers are to be taken as per the doctor’s instructions.

  • Exercises

There are some exercises which are suggested by doctors to ensure quick healing of your elbow. They include slowly stretching or gripping a ball etc. these exercises are the type you can carry out on your own at home.

  • Physical Therapy

In some cases, physical therapy is suggested to the person. However, the physiotherapist will also work with you from your home. But this happens very rarely, many of the times you are advised to do some exercises and take some medications.

  • Surgery

Probably the tennis elbow treatment Mclean, VA which is saved as the last resort. If everything above fails and your elbow still continues to irritate you with pain and limited movement then a surgery is suggested which helps in relieving you of your pain completely.

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